Faith-Based Motivational Speaker

Small & Large Group Church settings

Spreading the message of Jesus Christ through laughter.

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Small & Large Group Settings

Bring your team congregation together for faith-based messaging sprinkled with humor.

Seminar Leadership

Empowering groups of all sizes through God’s word for all facets of life.

Motivational Speaking

Inspirational Christian and motivational speaker.

Infusing God’s Message With Humor

Faith-Based Speaking Services

Faith helped me through a tough time, and now I repay the Lord through the power of sermon and humor.

What Services Do You Offer?

Small & Large Group Speaking

Whether it’s a congregation of 500 or just 50 Jodi will re-energize the crowd through a powerful message.

Seminar Leadership

Small women’s group or large group Jodi is able to bring groups together through the power of faith-based messaging infused with infectious humor.

Motivational Speaker

Jodi’s inspirational story will teach your audience that no matter the struggle, we are part of a bigger story to believe in.