Joy Sprinklin Jodi

Motivational Speaker
I believe everyone has a choice to make every day.
I choose to sprinkle joy.
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Hi, I’m Jodi! I have a passion for making people laugh and bringing joy to others. I encourage you to find your own joy.

About Jodi

I’m spunky, bold, and fiercely passionate about people, whether on stage, at the grocery store, or in my hair salon. My life’s purpose is to be motivational, contagiously funny, and salt and light to everyone I meet.

When I was suddenly faced with terrible chronic pain, all I had left was faith and humor. When no doctor could help, and no medication worked, humor helped me through this hard journey. It continues to be difficult, but it helped me grow more than I thought possible. Along the way, I reached a mountaintop that I didn’t know existed. I’d love to share the encouragement and motivation I’ve discovered through years of loving on people as a master barber, as a survivor of chronic pain, and from those wacky moments of marriage and parenthood.

I’m a joy sprinkler from Des Moines, Iowa, where I live with my husband of 20 years and two teenage children. Invite me into your office, hair salon, church or book club to guide and motivate you. I believe every day is a new beginning. I want to encourage you through the tough stuff, help motivate your day, and sprinkle some joy on you!