Joy Sprinklin Jodi

Motivational Speaker

Helping You Find Joy in Everyday Life

Keynote Speaking

Empathy. Passion. Love. Joy. Laughter. Jodi is sure to envoke all of those emotions in you through her empowering speech.

Team Building

Are you a bucket dipper or a bucket filler? Empower your team to fill their bucket with joy and be passionate about their lives and their work.

Empower yourself and your life today.

Hair stylist by trade, motivational speaker by passion.
Join Jodi as she takes you through her journey to rock bottom and back, and how faith, love, and joy pulled her through.

Motivational Speaking

Change the way you see things and bring a different perspective into your life.

Team Building Activities

Bring energy and life back into your workforce.

Communication Enhancement

Help your team connect and communicate in a more meaningful way.

Lead with Laughter

Bring humor and laughter back into your workplace.

Why Hire a Motivational Speaker?

Why should you hire a motivational speaker for your next event? What value do they bring? Take a look at a few of the most common questions and answers to decide if hiring a motivational speaker is right for your next event.

Get people out of their comfort zone.

As organizations grow and see success employees have a tendency to find a level of comfort that is within a certain level. Motivational speakers challenge that comfort zone while challenging employees.

Stimulate new ideas.

Jodi’s positivity and humor helps stimulate and engage your organization and encourages new ways of thinking outside the box.

Compel your team to action.

Compel your team to take that next step, find their purpose, and ultimately be engaged and ready to move forward.

Promote teamwork.

Learn how to work together again! Similar to falling into a comfort zone, speakers compel your team to work together to achieve a common goal for your organization.

Bring humor and laughter back into the workplace.

Jodi will have your team in stitches by the end of her set. Powerful, hilarious, and thriving on the laugher and happiness of others, her sheer stage presence will have your team in a better place.

About Jodi

Joy Sprinklin Jodi brings motivation and encouragement to others through the power of her words, her story-telling, and faith. Passionate about people, Jodi has found joy even in the midst of darkness and loves helping people feel motivated, powerful, and most importantly: joyful.


Jodi had a message that was uplifting and pulled at my heart strings.  Her story reminded me of how important it is to be positive and kind to everyone that comes into my life.

I thought Jodi was very uplifting, enthusiastic and motivating. She made me realize how a positive attitude can make such a difference, and just a smile can brighten someone’s day!

Jodi will light up a room, make you laugh so hard you’re crying…all while giving you some real, true nuggets to consider about life! Love her!

Start Your Journey to Joy and Laughter with Jodi Today!